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Positions available!

We have to ERC-funded positions for Postdocs to study the novel zygotene cilium!

Congratulations to Adam, Yoel, and Gal for their new preprint now on bioRxiv!

Congratulations to Vineet for publishing his awesome paper in Development!

Congratulations to Avishag for being awarded the prestigious Adams Fellowship for outstanding PhD students from the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities!

Congratulations to Yaniv for being awarded the ZCAI Prize for Discovery in Medical Research!

We have been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant!

This supports our research program:
ZygoCiliaAct: Deciphering Principles & Mechanisms of the Zygotene Cilium - A Newly Identified Cilium in Meiosis 

Congratulations to Yaniv for being Awarded EMBO Young Investigator Award!

Congratulations to Yaniv for awarded the HUJI Rector and President Award for Outstanding Publication!

Congratulations to Vineet and Avishag for being awarded the Cool Paper Award from the Israeli Society of Developmental Biology!

Congratulations to Avishag and Vineet for being awarded IMRIC Best Graduate Publication Award !

June 2022: Congrats to Rachael Dies for being awarded the HUJI Med Adam Fedegreen Award for outstanding MSc Thesis!

May 2022: Congrats to Avishag and Vineet - their paper is now published as a full research article in Science !!

Oct 2021: Congrats to Vineet for being awarded a the Hebrew University International PhD Talent scholarship for outstanding international graduate students!

Congrats to Avishag Mytlis for her new methods paper - finally out in Springer Nature Methods in Molecular Biology, Zebrafish Germline Development!


***Our first preprint is now live on BiorXive: Ciliary control of meiotic chromosomal pairing mechanics and germ cell morphogenesis!

Congrats to Avishag Mytlis, Vineet Kumar and all authors!

See the the action about this on Twitter:  

June 2020: We are funded by a generous BSF Start-up Grant for 2 years! A New and exciting collaboration with James Gagnon's lab from The University of Utah, USA.

Dec 2019: We are funded by a generous NRF-ISF Joint Program Grant for 3 years! A new and exciting collaboration with Sudipto Roy's lab from A*STAR in Singapore.

Aug 2019: Congrats to Avishag for having her first paper accepted! stay tuned for awesome live imaging of ovaries...

July 2019: Our lab is funded for 5 years by the ISF

July 2019: Thank you to the  ISF for a very generous equipment funding. 

Apr 2019: Yaniv receives the Ben Schendar Fund for Outstanding Young Scientists

Apr 2019: Congrats to Karine and Avishag for being awarded a scholarship by the Dr. Gabrielle Reem-Kayden Scholarship Endowment Fund in Biological Sciences for outstanding female graduate students!

Jan 2019: Frontiers in Genetics XII 

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.41.16 PM.png

Speaking in the Genetics Society of Israel Annual Symposium.


Great to to introduce the lab to the genetics community in Israel!

Jan 2019 - Our new state-of-the-art zebrafish facility!

Nov 2018 - Our first lab lunch!


Celebrating the beginning of the semester, Avishag acceptance to our excellence program, and....

The construction of our zebrafish facility!

Sept 2018 - Our brand new Zeiss LSM 880!


Feb 25 2018 - Our zebrafish are here!

Our zebrafish lines have safely completed their journey from UPenn, Philadelphia to our lab. Their steps in this journey can be seen in the pictures to the left.

They are now growing well and waiting to provide us with experiments.

March, 11 2018 - IsSDB Annual Symposium

Speaking in the Israeli Society of Developmental Biology Annual Symposium..


Great to to introduce the lab to the developmental biology community in Israel!

March, 15 2018 - The 5th meeting of the ISRAELI FORUM FOR

Speaking in the 5th IFCM.

Great to to introduce the lab to the cell biology community in Israel!

March 20-23, 2018 - The 5th European Zebrafish PI Meeting

Trento, Italy

Speaking in the 5th EZPM in beautiful Trento.

Great to to introduce the lab to the International zebrafish community!

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