Cell and developmental biology of

early oogenesis 



From the stem cell to the follicle:

novel cellular mechanisms of oocyte differentiation by a centrosome organizing center



Mechanisms of the centrosome organizing center and the coordination of cellular compartments in oocyte symmetry breaking


Upstream regulation of the centrosome organizing center by the mitotic program

Oocyte polarization utilizes prion-like mechanisms

Ciliary functions in early oogenesis


Talented students, postdocs and staff are wanted!


Our lab investigates cellular mechanisms of early oocyte differentiation, from the stem cell to the follicle.

We have discovered a novel cellular organizer that integrates multiple cellular processes such as mitosis, meiosis, cell polarity, prion-like mechanisms, mechanical regulation and ciliary functions in the oocyte. Its investigation allows us to study how these programs are coordinated by the cell on a single platform of early oogenesis.

We use zebrafish as our model and utilize methods of advanced genetics and quantitative microscopy.



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Yaniv M. Elkouby, PhD

Senior Lecturer (Assistant professor)

Department of Developmental Biology

and Cancer Research


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Faculty of Medicine

Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC)

Building 3, Floor 0, Room 3049

Ein-Kerem Campus

Jerusalem, Israel




          Office  +972-2-6757028

          Lab  +972-2-6758077

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